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Tavola Salento all inclusive vacation deal in Salento Puglia


The lightly trod jewel of Puglia

By now you've heard of Puglia, but have you heard of Salento?

At first glance we could characterize Salento in three words: Sun, Sea, Wind. All true. The sun illuminates the colors of the landscape. The coastlines - sandy and rocky - are extensive and eliminate discontent. The sea breeze propels the waters. But there's much more.

The sun, the sea, and the wind are there together with a rich history embedded within the landscapes, the olive groves, and vineyards.

In Salento, you can follow an itinerary tracing back to a distant yet remarkable time in history: from the Messapian and Roman, to the Byzantine, Norman, Sicilian, Bourbon Arabian, and Spanish. Every small town preserves beautiful churches and noble palaces that enchant with astonishing architecture.


Salento is a cradle of art and culture. Discover it with us.


Why Choose Salento in Spring?

The tourist throng not yet arrived...
A sweltering sun still months away...
Refreshing breezes of two seas...

Airport: Brindisi (BDS)

Train Station: Lecce

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